Middlefield’s Hardwood Logs

Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd. knows the forests around Middlefield better than the backs of our hands. Our forestry experts have a deep passion for taking care of the valuable natural resources around us while providing beautiful quality materials that become custom furniture or cabinetry in the hands of expert craftsmen. Whether you need to buy or sell hardwood, we’re the team to call!

Who We Are

Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd. was founded with a vision to provide the Ohio and Pennsylvania with sustainable, high-quality hardwood products and services. Our Amish owned and operated company runs on integrity and commitment. Since 1989, we’ve been dedicated to preserving one of the world’s most important renewable resources. Our team is certified with the prestigious Master Loggers License and continuously keep up with BMP standards while attending required classes at the Ohio Forestry Division.

What We Do

Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd. is a start-to-finish operation. We harvest timber, process lumber, and provide fine Northern Appalachian hardwoods for all types of crafting and use. Our stock involves purchasing saw logs, kiln dried lumber, and standing timber of all varieties, as well as offering green hardwoods, veneer logs, and several other types of lumber for both local and international distribution.

Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd.

Get In Touch

Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd. also partners with Byler’s Kiln-Drying to offer even more high-quality products in the form of fine kiln-dried lumber available. Contact Trumbull or Byler’s team members for more information regarding kiln-dried lumber — visit the Byler’s Kiln Drying page or call them at (440) 477-6458.